The frail in Japan has nothing to fear when it comes to assisted care – except perhaps a robot rebellion. Of the land that gave us the bear robo-care, come three new technological solutions forelderly compassionate care courtesy of Panasonic. Shown prior to the 38th October Home and Rehabilitation International Exhibition in Tokyo, the electronics giant updated its drug currently in residence at the hospital-Monger Rimo – a new design that connects the “bed [and those ] limited mobility “to doctors, family and friends thanks to its HD interface. And just because you live at home, this does not mean bot shampoo company can help you get your hair does not listen to you and complain about how their children will never see you. For the part of aid, Panasonic has also gone and modded a bed that is more than meets the eye – literally, as it turns into an electric wheelchair for you scoot on home.We have hand-held technology, the days are starting to look pretty cutting edge.Panasonic Communications will present innovative assistance robot “Rimo hospital” and the new models of dryers and Robot “RoboticBed ®” in 2011 International HCR



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