Mickey is landing, Steamboat Fantasia and abandon the pursuit of all things Disney launches mobile DM011SH and DM010SH – to participate in the company offers other Android. The four-inch 3D handsets will be able DM010SH Walt top of the line version with a camera 960 x 540 touchscreen 8MP QHD and a processor running at 1 GHz. Next in line is the cursor DM011SH sealed with a 3.4 inch touch screen sports 854 x 480 and a processor for the same camera and high-end cousin. Both the Android 2.3 phone is decorated with the insignia of the signature colors of candy tweentastic like pink and white with a black version of DM010SH available for fans of more modest house mouse. Besides telephones with the mouse too DM001Photo Disney Internet-enabled, a 9.4 x 5.6 inch digital photo frame for showing images, videos and e-mails via 3G for 890 yen ($ 11) per month.


Source: http://www.tech.currentblips.com/2011/09/disney-launches-two-new-android.html#ixzz1ZNa8QVyQ

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